Personal income tax returns for you and your family

Personal income tax returns are always a matter of great concern for all. At Advanced Accounting, we can help and guide you with the best solutions and options for personal income tax returns for you and your family by leveraging our extensive experience in this field.


HST returns

Advanced Accounting will help you in filing and recording your HST returns for your business based out of Canada. The HST return report is generated with respect to the lines that are given in the CRA's (Canada Revenue Agency) HST return filing form.

Business registrations

Whether you want to form a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or even a co-operative, we can certainly assist you with a proper business registration so that you can embark on a new journey undergoing a proper procedure for a tension-free future.

Assistance during audit

Auditing is certainly one of the most hectic activities of an organization. Your company may not be adequately equipped to handle your annual or half-yearly or quarterly auditing requirements. We can offer our services on site where we can work as your extended team in meeting the deadlines.

Assistance during appeals and collection processes

Appeals and collection processes is always a complicated and tedious process. However, at Advanced Accounting, we can provide you with a proper assistance during appeals and collection processes so that you can achieve the desired result in the shortest time possible.

Voluntary Disclosure Program

A voluntary disclosure program basically gives you a second chance to make some changes in a tax return that has been previously filed or to file another return that you should have filed in the previous instance. We can provide you with all the assistance and guidance necessary so that you can successfully file a voluntary disclosure program.

It is very necessary to have a proper business plan so that you can set yourself realistic financial goals and have a clarity about your targets. Preparing a business plan can help secure the success that you are looking for. At Advanced Accounting, we can provide you with an effective business plan according to your exact needs and requirements so that you can have a flourishing and prosperous future ahead.

Business Plan